The Waves of Luxury

Living a fulfilling life necessitates a supportive environment and a sense of belonging, Pavilion Erbil prioritizes well-being as the core of its offering.

Pavilion Erbil
at a glance

  • The Lagoon
  • High Fashion Tower
  • Shopping Mall
  • The Islands

Largest Man-Made Lagoon of its kind

320,000 SQM of Dedicated Water Ways

A fresh and cool atmosphere is created by the water's gentle glittering on the 320,000 m2 of the large lagoon and canals.

High Fashion Mall & Conference Hall

Franchise Hotel

You will enjoy world of style and elegance at High Fashion Mall, where every corner is curated to elevate your shopping experience. Discover the latest trends from renowned international and designer brands

Largest Shopping Mall in the State

More than 1000 Retail Spaces

The shopping mall at Pavilion Erbil is designed to offer you everything you need from high-profile international brands to locally produced products, incorporating local and international brands.

Artificial Islands Connected Together

Food Ateliers and Restaurants

Pavilion Erbil features islands, each uniquely themed with distinct architectural designs, contributing to the enrichment of the community.

The Villas
at Pavilion Erbil

The luxury villas at Pavilion Erbil are offered in four collections. Every plot has a marginally unique size ranging from 400m2 , 500m2 , 700m2 , 1000m2 +. These contemporary villas are equipped with large balconies and expansive windows with a palette of white, beige and light wood textures combining light and airy feel with natural textures.

The villas are designed to create a coherent streetscape where the architecture follows one serene contemporary style to establish a distinguishable identity for the area. Through a world-class approach to planning and execution, the streets leading to the villas promise walkable promenades aligned with greenery, all impeccably maintained with an in-built irrigation system. The villas at Pavilion Erbil are premium residences offering lagoon views and international standards of luxury living while precise smart home technologies minimize energy consumption to deliver optimum energy savings. This luxurious living spaces have the ambience for family living, with considered spaces for your lifestyle, all kept at the perfect temperature with smart system temperature controls.


Invest in
Pavilion Erbil

Enhance your luxurious lifestyle, business, and future by leveraging Pavilion Erbil's diverse range of investment spectrum.

Pavilion Erbil revitalizes over 181 hectares of terrain, creating an opulent blend of residential and commercial areas featuring one of the most expansive artificial lagoons. Pavilion Erbil seamlessly integrates villas, apartments, canals, and ample verdant areas, teeming with a diverse array of commercial and community offerings. These include top-tier sports facilities, a shopping mall, luxurious 5-star hotels, restaurants, and an array of unprecedented amenities brought to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

768 Residential Villas

42 Residential Towers

Business towers

Commercial Units


The Excellence Awaiting You

Enhance your luxurious lifestyle, business, and future by leveraging Pavilion Erbil's diverse range of investment spectrum.


Only 30% of the land is allocated to housing, leaving a sizable amount for the lagoon, canals, and green spaces.


Unwind with fountains and air music, a promenade of 300,000 m2 green islands linked across the water, public parks and green spaces.


Keep fit with the 20,000 m2 of top-notch sporting venues, which include a football stadium, a volleyball court, a basketball court, and more.


Prekindergarten through high school education is provided at The International School in a specially designed facility.


Explore our complete selection of Residential Villas and their floor plans showcased in our digital pamphlet, highlighting six unique villa types.


It’s All
in One Place

Pavilion Erbil offers all you need in one space, including leisure and hospitality, commercial, shopping, healthcare, education and other amenities — within easy reach of your beautiful home. Within the blue and green of Pavilion Erbil’s natural landscape, streets of contemporary villas are shaded by trees. At the centre, the 320,000 square meters lagoon and network of waterways creates a fresh and cooling environment.

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