The Lagoon

Being one of the largest man-made lagoons in the world, Pavilion Erbil covers a surface area of 23 hectares. The waterways and vast lagoon offer cool Mediterranean-inspired living for Pavilion Erbil, as an exciting first for Iraq, with residential and commercial units facing a glittering view. The lagoon and the waterways are built on a generous 320,000m2 designed to recreate a stunning seascape. The water reflects the blues of the Mediterranean Sea and the Islands laying on the lagoon resemble an oasis that is built in the city of Erbil. This creates beautiful natural surroundings, excellent air quality, and a fresh, cool environment for the Pavilion Erbil community.

  • Largest Man-Made Lagoon of its Kind
  • State of the Art Purification and Filtration Water System
  • Dancing Fountains
Built on 23 Hectars

Through a network of pipes connected to the purification facility within the Pavilion Erbil, the water purification facility is a two interconnected purification system, purifying the incoming water from the pipes and continuously purifying the lagoon water 24/7. The system automatically measures the water levels of the lagoon and refills it with fresh water. Additionally, it filters the water, providing clean water for the green space irrigation system.

Shopping Mall

The shopping mall at Pavilion Erbil is designed to offer you everything you need from high-profile international brands to locally produced products, incorporating local and international brands. The Mall will become the central focus for all shopping festivals in the Kurdistan region and Iraq by enjoying a wide range of amenities and the latest forms of technology, from touch maps to in-mall childcare spaces and many more. The area will not only emerge as an outstanding multipurpose shopping mall but will also become a world-class contender to other internally renewed malls. A place, that will be home to high-end retail brands including high-end fashion brands, offering you a chance to rediscover the world's most coveted brands, curated with the most discerning customers in mind. From flagship stores to exclusive designer boutiques, concepts and products. The mall at Pavilion Erbil will offer more than 1,000 retail spaces for all retail sectors, large showrooms, dining venues and entertainment for all age groups.

  • High-end Retail
  • Podiuem Retails
  • Flagship Stores
  • Botiques
More than 1000 Retail Spaces

High Fashion Mall &
International Hotel

You will enjoy world of style and elegance at High Fashion Mall, where every corner is curated to elevate your shopping experience. Discover the latest trends from renowned international and designer brands, offering a seamless blend of high-end fashion, exquisite accessories, and exclusive lifestyle products. Our meticulously designed mall ensures an immersive shopping journey, providing the perfect ambiance for those with discerning tastes. from retail therapy to an elevated stay at our iconic 24-floor high-rise hotel. Boasting panoramic views of the city skyline, each meticulously crafted room and suite exudes contemporary luxury and comfort.

  • Conference Hall
  • 2 Floor High Fashion Mall
  • 22 Floor International Chain Hotel
24 Floors High Rise tower

The Islands

Pavilion Erbil features islands, each uniquely themed with distinct architectural designs, contributing to the enrichment of the community and cultural aspects of the city. For instance, one island is exclusively dedicated to art displays and exhibitions, while another highlights an open stage and offers amenities such as jogging paths, restaurants, and cafes.

  • Art Island
  • Kids Island
  • Green House Resturants
  • Interactive Cave Island
  • Gardens Island
5 Unique Artifical Islands

Sport Facilities

  • Tennis Courts
  • Football Fields
  • 25m Olympic Swimming Pool
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Boxing Zone
  • Mixed Gym
  • Ladies Gym
  • Bowling Aisles
  • Gymnastic Studio

Enjoy your workout in the enclosed and open sports arena. The Pavilion Erbil’s sports arena provides a variety of indoor and outdoor sports fields and recreational areas, including but not limited to football fields, volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, running tracks, 25-meter Olympic pools, and a skating rink at the mall. The Sports arena is equipped with locker rooms, exercise equipment, and seating areas which are all built according to the highest international standards. Additionally, the jogging tracks constructed by the waterways provide joggers with a scenic environment whilst running.

Education Facilities

Providing a warm and stimulating environment that encourages exploration and creativity. Pavilion Erbil’s international school educators lay the foundation for a love of learning, ensuring that each child's unique potential is recognized and celebrated from pre-kindergarten to high school.

Pavilion Erbil International School