Residential Towers

The visionary residential masterpieces of Pavilion Erbil, where modern living harmoniously meets the serenity of nature – the 42 Residential Towers on the edge of a tranquil lagoon. These architectural marvels redefine luxury living, the towers stand as an iconic landmark against the backdrop of the picturesque lagoon. Each residence is meticulously designed to capture breathtaking views, offering a seamless blend of comfort, sophistication, and the tranquility that only a lagoon-side setting can provide.

42 Residential Towers

Enjoy a lifestyle of unparalleled elegance as you step into thoughtfully constructed living space that prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality. The towers showcase a range of meticulously designed apartments, from sleek studios to expansive penthouses, each offering a unique perspective of the surrounding lagoon and beyond.

4 Zones to choose from

Residents of the 42 Residential Tower enjoy exclusive access to a host of amenities, including private waterfront promenades, lush gardens, and recreational spaces that embrace the natural beauty of the lagoon. The project aims to create a community where residents can unwind, connect with nature, and relish the luxury of a truly exceptional living environment.

Business Towers

Pavilion Erbil introduces a groundbreaking fusion of business and luxury living – the 4 Business Tower Apartments at Pavilion Erbil, gracefully positioned along the serene shores of the captivating largest man-made lagoon of its kind with access to everything a business need of day-to-day operations to thrive.

4 Business Towers

From premises to meeting rooms, the commercial area is just steps from the lagoon, edged by cafes for a break during the working day. Elevate your business in these meticulously designed towers, where the dynamic energy of commerce seamlessly intertwines with the tranquility of waterfront living. Each tower stands as a symbol of modern architecture, offering a range of upscale offices that cater to discerning professionals seeking a sophisticated and convenient experience.